MAGNUS UPVC Windows and Doors

MAGNUS™ is the window & door expert of India specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and service of UPVC window & door systems. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India with a strong presence in 3 cities across India, it is the largest UPVC windows manufacturer in the country.

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uPVC Windows

MAGNUS™ uPVC windows run on a sliding mechanism with a touch point operation wherein you can glide the windows on your fingertips. Moreover these windows come with a add-on feature of a Bug Screen/Mosquito Panel.

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uPVC Doors

MAGNUS™ uPVC Sliding Doors are a solution for the extra space that you need, without separating your inside from outside. Sliding Doors can increase the valued time with your family even when they are in the garden/balcony.

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Glass for uPVC Windows and Doors

Various types & combinations of glass can be used with Magnus™ uPVC Windows/Doors to suit your requirements, a perfect choice of glass will add to the interior comfort of your home.

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uPVC Hardware

Magnus™ provides each and every hardware part with the utmost precision, quality and safety with the use of modern technology.

Most Trusted uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturing Company

We specialize in manufacturing uPVC Windows and Doors. The promoters of the company have vast knowledge and decades of past experience in windows & doors.

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Why uPVC

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upvc windows and doors, Home
upvc windows and doors, Home

Magnus uPVC is the best uPVC windows, uPVC doors manufacturing company and dealer in Hyderabad.

Tired of maintaining your doors and windows? It is time to quit your worries, Magnus brings to you a wide range of uPVC windows and doors that turn your living space into a sweet home.

We provide different types, which give the advantage of opening the windows in both directions that allow for cross ventilation to be possible.

Solutions: uPVC Windows, uPVC Doors, Glass, Hardware items are available.

uPVC Windows Types: uPVC Slider Windows, uPVC Casement Windows, uPVC Combination Windows, uPVC Bay Windows are available.

uPVC Doors Types: uPVC Slider Doors, uPVC Casement Doors are available.

Affordable cost: When it comes to uPVC windows and Doors price, you can buy at a very affordable price at Magnus uPVC company in Hyderabad.

Easy maintenance: uPVC window and door frames have the lowest maintenance as compared to other frames in the market. Over the years, uPVC windows and doors don’t lose their shine, just a wash with water will do for keeping it that way.

Safety: uPVC window and door frames work great even for security concerns. They are sturdy and reliable, guess that’s what makes them a big hit among homeowners and builders alike.

Advantages at Magnus: Free site survey, Free installation, Lifetime warranty, Quality assurance stamp.

Highlights of Magnus uPVC: Free maintenance, Termite resistance, Sound insulator, Thermal insulator, Stubborn and durable, Eco-friendly, Fire retardant, Acoustics insulator, Resists combustion, Burglar proof, Energy saving, Superb aesthetics, Flawless finish. uPVC windows and doors installation at your door step.

Support from Magnus uPVC team: Our experts and technicians help you to select the best contemporary designs along with the essence of all the times keeping in mind your taste.

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